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What types of vehicles do you purchase?

We purchase just about any type of vehicle regardless of condition or if they run or not including cars, trucks, vans, mini vans, and SUVs of almost any year, make, and model.


How much is my car worth?

One simply call to one of our salvage specialists at 305-824-7618 and you’ll have a guaranteed cash quote in minutes. We can also respond via e-mail or a simple web form. (si es posible necesito que me hagas un over link aqui para acceder el web form tambien)


What if your car is damaged or missing parts?

Yes. We will always attempt to make you a fair, honest, offer on your vehicle, even if it is damaged, totalled, or missing parts.


Can you pick up cars off the highway?

We pride ourselves on being able to collect a vehicle from almost any location in your state. In most cases, we  may be able to collect a vehicle off of a highway or interstate.


Do you buy other junk items other than cars?

At this time we only purchase vehicles.


What if I lost the keys?

As long as you can provide proof of ownership, we will still buy your vehicle without the keys.


What if I do not have the title?

We will make every effort to buy your vehicle. As long as you can provide your driver's license and a current copy of your registration, we will make you an offer. If this is the case, please let us know as soon as possible.


What if I lost my registration?

We do not require registration to collect your vehicle.


Purchased property with an abandoned vehicle on it?

Contact your local police station for special instructions on the proper paperwork needed for abandoned vehicles left on your property. You need this before we can collect your vehicle.


An abandoned a car in the parking lot?

Just like any abandoned vehicle, contact your local police station for special instructions. This must be done prior to us sending a truck to collect your car.


How fast can you really pick up my car?

Most of our Salvage Specialists are able to collect vehicles 24 hours a day. Often times, same day pickup is available upon request.


Do I have to be with the car?

We can make arrangements with your tow driver to collect your car at a specified location as long as the necessary documentation is left with the vehicle.


Can you pay me some other way other than cash?

Yes, we can pay by check or money order if your prefer either in person or via mail once the collection is complete..


How much is my car worth?

Each vehicle is priced on an individual basis based on year, make, model, condition, and missing parts. We ask you determining questions and based on your answers, we give you a guaranteed quote within minutes.


What happens after I you pick up my car?

Once we collect your vehicle and your receive payment, you should do the following:
Deliver your license plates to your nearest Dept of Motor Vehicles.

Contact your vehicle insurance company to cancel the policy on the collected vehicle.


What do we do with your car after we pick it up?

Depending on the year of your vehicle, we will either recycle it or sell your vehicle for parts.


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